Assessment as Evaluation for Growth: Best Practices in Student-Centered, Personal(ized) Assessment


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Teachers and administrators are increasingly challenged by how to manage assessment shifts alongside core pedagogical shifts. The more student-centered our schools become, and the more authentic the learning experiences we create, the less traditional assessment and teacher-centered grading systems feel appropriate. What might it look like to shift toward student-centered evaluation practices that honor the individual’s growth, and that even serve as a tool for growth and metacognition?

This course won’t be about standards-based or competency-based assessment, but about deep, authentic practices that emphasize evaluation and spark growth, not just assess it for the gradebook. Participants will have opportunities to explore a variety of student-centered strategies for evaluation, and to begin envisioning such shifts in their own classrooms and schools. While the workshop will be designed for teachers of any grade level, it will also be appropriate for curricular and instructional leaders.


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Sesión de Talleres #2
April 29, 2022
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April 29, 2022
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