Building “Glocal” Partnerships for Learning: Fostering Global and Local Citizenship for an Era of Sustainability


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We live in an increasingly interconnected world, so it behooves educators to foster the skills students need to understand and solve global and local challenges. Particularly now that COVID-19 has brought most educators into the world of connective technology, and the current evidence of our interdependence as humans, global citizenship programs that foster global competencies and appropriate avenues for equitable action have become all the more important. "Glocal" engagement programs founded in student-centered practices that emphasize advocacy and participation provide students with a way to act on the basis of their learning, which also helps them envision how a life of purpose and leadership might be crafted. This workshop will explore a variety of strategies for finding global and local partnerships for learning, for developing equitable learning experiences which foster proficiency in academic standards and global competencies, and for building the kinds of deep learning experiences which help humanize the world for students and foster the intercultural and problem-solving skills they need to become leaders of constructive change.


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Este taller se dictará en las siguientes sesiones de talleres:

Sesión de Talleres #1
April 28, 2022
1:30 pm
3:00 pm