Enrichment of educational environments through the use of unstructured materials


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Children are protagonists and generate their knowledge through the active experiences lived in the interaction with the different spaces and materials, attending to their internal needs... Truly symbolic play is born when children recreate something different about a material, element or artifact, that is, when a stone becomes a telephone and the same stone with two other units form a tower or a building, when a slice of wood is given the value of a habitat, an airplane or a head, in order to symbolize they require evoke an object or an event, they need to abstract and use other languages to represent it.

At the meeting we explore various materials that enable the creation of quality, motivating, significant and challenging environments that promote development, that are inspiring and co-creation spaces with the aim of enhancing children's learning experiences.


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Este taller se dictará en las siguientes sesiones de talleres:

Sesión de Talleres #3
April 29, 2022
3:20 pm
4:50 pm