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Objective of Presentation

To share practical ideas of creating magical connections with students so that the learning becomes even more joyful, in-depth, long-lasting and meaningful.

Description of Presentation 

Teaching is a combination of science and art.  While it's important to know the science, what makes teaching magical is the artistic side.  The human connection between teacher and student can mean the difference between a child's motivation to engage and giving up.  But how do we turn the flow of teaching into magic?  Well, teaching is like storytelling.  The words could be the same, but it's how you tell it that makes it magical. 

Everything we learn about has a story, whether it's exploring how chicks grow inside an egg or how to make a tasty pizza. While teachers are often the ones telling the story, we also must remember to listen to the children's version of telling the same story from his or her perspective.  The longer I teach, the more I listen to what the children have to say.  The way we listen and value what the child has to say will create a magical bond between teacher and learner.  We know that magic is real when, one day, the roles are reversed and the child becomes the teacher and the adult becomes the learner.


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April 30, 2022
9:00 am
10:00 am

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