Spirit of Math – Re-Imagining Mathematics Education


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The mission of Spirit of Math is to promote cooperation, inspire confidence and release the genius in every child. You will be introduced to a Canadian phenomenon in mathematics education where students don’t learn just how to “do the math”, rather how to “think mathematically” in a collaborative setting. Kim will provide an overview of the after-school school system and how to support an intensive program offering over 840 classes a week for 11,000 students. This, combined with the must-have four elements of the SoM curriculum and teacher training, will provide you with an insight of how SoM has taken students to the top of the world for the past 4 decades.


Inglés con traducción
Con traducción simultanea a español


April 28, 2022
12:30 pm
1:30 pm

Este taller se dictará en las siguientes sesiones de talleres:

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