Dr. Spencer Fowler

Dr. Spencer Fowler is a former professional athlete, firefighter, and educational leader who presently serves as the CEO and Superintendent of The Affiliated High School of Peking University's Dalton Academy. Spencer’s academic career began at Queen’s University where he earned a Bachelor’s (Hons) in Film Studies and a Bachelor’s (Hons) in Education. Spencer spent the past 16 years working in international education as a K-12 teacher and administrator in Chile, Egypt, Germany, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, and China, earning his Master’s and Doctorate of Educational Leadership along the way. Much of Spencer’s research concentrates on educational reform practices, bridging the gap between education and industry by connecting teachers and students to resources that tackle universal issues. His leadership style empowers teachers and students to have a voice and reach their true potential. This approach has led to the development of China’s first Access Scholarship, which aids marginalized and displaced youth from the Middle East to complete their high school education in Beijing and obtain full funding to attend universities overseas. The approach has also led to numerous patents, businesses, and publications – academic and otherwise.


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