Eric Wycoff

CHANGE AGENT Eric has over two decades experience creating the conditions that grow students that are “thinkers, planners and doers.” (Ritchhart, R.). Eric’s work is at the intersection of practices that support Project Based Learning (PBL) and the tools students need to thrive in a globalized community. Eric knows the best way to reach learners is to encourage risks with a safety net and engage in purposeful activities with an emphasis on voice and choice. WHAT HE DOES In addition to classroom work, Eric Wycoff is Emeritus National Faculty with PBLWorks, formerly The Buck Institute for Education. He has worked with over 1000 teachers delivering PBL training and sustained support. His expertise is grounded in learning cultures, engagement and the global competencies: communication; collaboration; creativity and critical thinking. Eric is passionate about harnessing the creative energies of Latin Americans as the foundation for growing PBL. He trained the staff at San Roberto International School in Monterrey, Mexico with a focus on learning culture and PBL. Eric was also a presenter at the 2017 “Revolución in Educatión Congress” hosted by Gimnasio los Caobos in Bogóta, Columbia. He is an Emeritus State-wide Advisory Board Member to the CA International Studies Program. Through this work, Eric became an early adopter of 21st Century Skills. He was trained by Ken Kay of P21 at Rutgers University. Dan Pink was the small group speaker and Eric became an early adherent to his work. Eric was a pilot teacher in a Project Based Learning AP Government Course. The curriculum was developed by Lucas Educational Research and their partners. Eric has an M. Ed. and an Admin. Credential.


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